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Titan Electric is one of the fastest growing full-service electrical contractors in the country. Knowing that our people are the most important asset, our primary focus is on employee retention and performance. We employ a high-energy team of professionals with the passion for winning. We are always looking to hire individuals with talent and drive that will enable us to continue our impressive growth.

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** The age discrimination employment act of 1967 prohibits discrimination on the basis of age with respect to individuals who are at least 40 but 70 years of age or less **





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** Note that if you have previously worked for a Temporary Staffing Company on any Titan Electric Southeast project, you Must provide a written release from that staffing agency.




List the names and phone numbers of 3 persons (not related to you) that you have known at lease 1 year


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By filling out this form, I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application. I understand that misrepresentation or omisson of facts called for is cause for dismissal. Further, I understand and agree that my employment is for no definite period and regardless of the date of payment of my wages may be terminated at any time without previous notice.